The Way It Was is a gothic-inspired and heartbreaking coming of age romance set among the dark shadows of a crumbling castle. Flood revives the beauty of first loves and the struggles of second chances, all set against complex family dynamics and mysterious landscapes.

The author of The Long Weekend, romance finalist for the 2019 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize, brings you a classic second-chance romance that spans decades.

Samantha’s heart has always belonged to the man who left her shattered. Twenty years later, will she be brave enough to face him once more? 

When Samantha Temple returns to her childhood home, she uncovers a truth kept hidden from her for over twenty years. Her discovery resurrects the painful summer she’s tried to keep locked away since 1988.

Catapulted down memory lane, she revisits the town she thought she’d never have to see again.  With her heart’s wounds reopened, Sam must face her fears and find out what happened.

She’ll learn that the only thing harder than being lied to her entire life is confronting the man who broke her heart. But if she turns back now, will she be able to go on living never knowing why he left her behind?

Powerful and beautiful, their love should have lasted, but it didn’t and Sam’s about to find out why.

An irresistible, passionate page-turner and Romance Finalist for the 2019 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize

Running the family orchard is the last thing Ellie wants, but her sexy former crush Devon will make it hard for her to walk away  

The news of her grandmother’s death is hard to take, but even harder is the reality that Ellie Williams must now return home to the Williams’ Orchards for the funeral.

Surrounded by her guilt, the ghosts from her past and her passive-aggressive mother, it’s no wonder Ellie spends her time with her gorgeous neighbour, and former crush, Devon Barrett. He’s still as hot as ever, but now he’s intertwined in Ellie’s life in ways she never would have imagined.

Torn by unwanted responsibilities and her growing feelings for Devon, Ellie must decide which she should follow: her head or her heart.

The Long Weekend is about how life doesn’t always go according to plan but can surprise you. If you like steamy small-town romances between the boy next door and the city girl, Mimi Flood’s debut novel is your next favourite read.

Grab your copy today and find out what can happen in just a few days…

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